He is an artist by
nature who wants to
put his vision into his
building projects.

—Carolyn T., Boise, ID

Doug Mack Houses has been creating great homes on the Monterey Peninsula since 1987. The ability to handle all aspects of planning, designing and building fine homes makes for a unique company-client relationship.

Doug Mack Houses specializes in the planning and designing of dream homes that exude unique personality and the finest quality. And, when it comes to building, we have a penchant for detail that shows around every corner.

Expert planning embraces the process of implementing a concept. Both concept and planning work in unison and the requirements that a building site demands, coupled with the desires of the clients, help to determine the design of a house.

With a focus on craftsmanship and design innovation, quality and superior performance are trademarks of a Doug Mack Houses project. Doug Mack is the sole owner of the company, and has been at the forefront of home planning, designing, building, and remodeling trends for over 20 years.

About Doug Mack

Doug Mack, a West Los Angeles native, spent his youth combing the beach, skateboarding, riding mini bikes, bicycles and playing sports. He would also build forts out of found materials—in the hills, in trees, and several with added tunnels into underground chambers. This would be the precursor to his building career. Designing and building had been in his family for generations.

His great uncle, Clarence Mack was a famous architect in Cleveland, Ohio and West Palm Beach, Florida where he designed and built estate-type houses. His grandfather was a general building contractor who built many of Clarence's houses before moving to West Los Angeles. His father Bill Mack studied architecture and engineering at UCLA and UCS. After college he started his career designing and building residential homes. The layouts were simple and flowed naturally where form and function were the primary objectives (At an early age, Doug worked for his father building homes during school breaks and summer vacations learning his craft). And, his older brother Chris, who resides in Carmel, also designs and builds homes.

Terra cotta, turquoise, and black hand thrown pot. Doug studied business and economics at UC Santa Cruz, while still spending time wind surfing, surfing, skiing and studying ceramics. Ceramics became a great creative outlet for him. Creating clay pots on the ceramic wheel helped him develop his concept of scale, proportion, texture and the unlimited possibilities of design. Ceramics, for Doug, became an endless source of creative inspiration.

During his college years, he traveled through most of the western United States, the east coast, Mexico, and four of the Hawaiian Islands. After completing his degree in business, Doug decided to travel to Japan and Western Europe, where he experienced new cultures, very different from the California lifestyle. The raw beauty of these cultures and the depth of integrity they embraced in their history of art and architecture overwhelmed him. “It’s one thing to see a picture of these places and everyday life, yet quite another to experience them first hand.” It was these experiences that moved him emotionally to see the possibilities in all phases of his life.

After completing school and exploring some of the world, Doug was excited to step into a new arena. He had built homes with his father and brothers and was excited to do it on his own. In 1988 he acquired his real estate license and purchased a piece of property. He designed and built a home on it, which he sold the following year. This experience jump-started his career. He decided to move to Carmel and work with his family building homes.

During the early nineties, Doug designed and built many projects for his own clients—working on them from conception to the finished home. Between projects, he started acquiring properties on his own in the city of Carmel—developing, designing and building homes—finding the whole process from design to construction very fulfilling. They were completely his creations—requiring thousands of decisions to make something that is measurable, something that is tangible, something that is called a home.

After designing numerous homes in and around the city of Carmel, Doug decided to see more of the world. He ventured off to Indonesia to surf and to take in a different culture. He traveled through South East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. Then returned again to Europe to explore the ancient architecture of the Romans and the Renaissance period.

The experience revealed the possibilities of form—from the temples in Angkor Wat to the gardens and temples of Kyoto Japan; Andrea Palladios Villa Rotunda in Vicenza, Italy; and the art house in the Uffiz Gallery Museum in Florence. He was inspired by Monet's Haystacks and amazed at the influence Pablo Picasso has on the art world. “It’s truly a wonderful world where we live and we are blessed with the beauty of Central California. Inspiration and opportunity abound everywhere.” All told, Doug has worked on more than twenty-five major projects. He still looks forward to what the next project may bring. “It seems that there are truly endless possibilities!”