Doug Mack’s commitment
to excellence and detail
makes him the ideal designer
and project manager for a
whole house experience.

—Duane Z., Cupertino, CA

Once the planning and design are complete, a construction contract is formulated which translates the plans and specifications into reality. The end result of the planning and design process is a building contract and home construction plans that meet the dreams of clients as well as the realities of his or her budget and the real estate market. Doug Mack Houses will work with the client throughout the construction phase, insuring that the work meets the needs and expectations set up in the design phase.

Doug Mack has built over 25 custom homes on the Monterey Peninsula—from quaint homes on small lots in Carmel to sprawling homes on the coast and in Carmel Valley. No matter the size, the attention to detail is second to none. With over 20 years experience, there’s no guessing.