Doug Mack’s sensitivity to
a client’s needs and wants
makes him an excellent
choice when deciding on
the appropriate elements
to any project.

—Glenn M., Carmel, CA

Planning is the process of identifying a client’s goals and objectives, formulating and creating an original concept, and then implementing all steps in the correct sequence.

Imagination brings a concept forward to create a set of guidelines for the design process. These guidelines are a result of an idea and a vision, ultimately producing the concept.

Conceptualizing an idea is the precursor to defining an idea, helping to determine the details, layout and proportion within the scope of the design.

Planning encompasses the requirements needed to fulfill the desire of the client—their point of view on how a house should feel, flow and function. Doug Mack understands this process and how these amenities may interact with each other. This ability helps streamline the planning stage and to foresee potential problems that may impact the bottom line.